Shape Your Own Destiny

When I turned 30, it was like my metabolism decided to abandon me and I piled on the pounds. I'd always been a size ten and had been blessed with the ability to eat all the food and gain no weight. 

However, thanks to a serious road traffic accident as a child and a bad fall that damaged my knee, my health deteriorated. I'd been happily married for a number of years and found comfort in junk food; emotional eating became a coping mechanism for the endless excruciating pain that I was experiencing on a daily basis.


After a while  and a ton of hospital tests, it became clear that I had fibromyalgia.  I had been on painkillers for  many many years and these were what led to the weight gain.

Have you ever sat there and thought "if only...". You know? If only I had more time in the day, I'd be able to exercise. If only I had more money then I could pay a trainer to help me lose some weight (or follow me round and slap the junk food out of my hand!). If only I had someone to I could talk to about how I feel so I can understand why I make bad choices. If only, if only, if only... 
What does it mean to be a coach?
What does a coach do?
How does it work? 
How can I make money from coaching?