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What is Beachbody?

* Shakeology is VAT-free along with other foods. It is the only supplement, shake or protein shake on the market that is VAT-free
Beachbody was established in California in 1998 with one aim; to help people live healthy and fulfilling lives, and end the trend of obesity. Since then it has grown to become a billion-dollar company that has expanded from the USA, to Canada, and in October 2017, to the UK. 

Beachbody create world-famous workouts. 

Team Beachbody is the coaching side of the business. Every single customer either chooses or is allocated a coach to help support and mentor them. to achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Beachbody Live provides live formats for a selection of workouts to be delivered by qualified instructors
Beachbody provides the only solution, of its kind, to the  growing problem of obesity. With simple nutrition, exercise that is fun and peer support through a coach, this holistic approach has proven results. It also provides, Shakeology, a nutritional supplement that is so good for you, the government consider it a food!*
The Trifector

How is it different?

Exercise that's fun!

With over 45 programmes and over 700 workouts, including a Kids Corner and a Maternity programme, there is something for EVERYONE! Whatever you chose, you can make sure you're having fun while achieving your health goals 
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